Apple-Qualcomm battle intensifies

Written by Ali Leghari ·  53 sec read >
qualcomm apple lawsuit

Chipmaker Qualcomm has taken a new step to escalate its legal spat with tech giant Apple by going to International Trade Commission (ITC) to get a ban on Apple products from entering the premises of US, according to a Bloomberg report. The move comes after a legal dispute over licensing fees, with Apple refusing to pay up.

Last week Qualcomm lowered its profit forecast over Apple withholding royalty payments during the ongoing legal battle between the two companies.The dispute between the two giants started earlier this year when FTC filed a complaint against Qualcomm alleging that Chipmaker company forced Apple to use its baseband chips for higher patent royalties. Apple then followed with a $1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm as reported by 9to5mac.

However, Qualcomm responded by saying that Lawsuit is founded on baseless claims and accuse Apple of misrepresenting facts.

As of now, Apple is being made in Asia by contract manufacturers. If the appeal of Qualcomm results in a success then it could potentially ban Apple from entering the US, which accounts for 40 percent of Apple’s total sale. Apple generated $86.6 billion in its Americas’ region last year as reported by Bloomberg

iPhone uses a mixture of intel corps. and Qualcomm modems to connect to networks.

CEO of Apple Tim Cook said that “ “We strongly believe we’re in the right. And I’m sure they believe that they are,”“And that’s what courts are for. And so we’ll let it go with that”.