Apple responds to $1 billion lawsuit by teenager, denies scanning customers’ faces

Sajeel Syed • April 25, 2019

Apple files lawsuit against Qualcomm, asks for 4 patents to be canceled

Shehryar Ahmed • June 22, 2018
Tesla China

Tesla has a new legal headache as $2 billion patent infringement allegation surfaces

Sajeel Syed • May 3, 2018

3 more companies are suing Google, Facebook for banning crypto ads

Sajeel Syed • April 9, 2018

BlackBerry is now hunting down Snapchat

Talha Saqib • April 5, 2018

Facebook faces lawsuit over collecting SMS and call history of users

Sajeel Syed • March 28, 2018
Satya Nadela

Microsoft carelessly handled over 100 sexual harassment complaints, lawsuit alleges

Sajeel Syed • March 14, 2018

Blackberry files lawsuit against Facebook, WhatsApp over messaging patent

Sajeel Syed • March 8, 2018

Google sued by an ex-employee over supporting pro-diversity posts

Sajeel Syed • February 23, 2018

Crypto traders to file lawsuit against Coincheck over freezing of withdrawals

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What Apple could have done to counter the battery issue

Shehryar Ahmed • December 22, 2017

Apple faces lawsuit over confirming that it reduces iPhone’s performance as the battery ages

Sajeel Syed • December 22, 2017

Apple wins $120 million from Samsung in slide-to-unlock patent lawsuit

Sajeel Syed • November 7, 2017
Qualcomm Sues Apple

Qualcomm sues Apple again on sharing chip code with Intel

Sajeel Syed • November 3, 2017