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Apple releases important security patches for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and watch

Written by Usman Aslam ·  46 sec read >

In recent times, Apple has been hyper-focused on ensuring user privacy and security. This further included the addition of privacy labels on all applications so users could determine what kind of data the app was collecting. As of now, Apple has released more security patches which are more considered fixes.

As a result of these patches, the iPhone and iPad will update to version 14.4.1, the watchOS will update to version 7.3.2 and the macOS will update to version 11.2.3. However, users who are using the older versions of macOS can install the latest version of Safari hence bumping the version to 14.0.3.

These security patches have been highly recommended by Apple as they tend to fend of malicious programs and applications. These patches will oversee a memory corruption bug in Safari’s engine called WebKit. Initially, the bug would be triggered through a malicious web page containing code that would exploit any device’s vulnerability.

This bug was similarly reported by Microsoft and Google on how it could bypass certain security and exploit user data. However, Apple claims that the latest patch is said to ensure the elimination of this bug.

With so many malicious software and sites out there, it is highly recommended that all Apple product users should stick to the latest version of their device’s respective OS.

Written by Usman Aslam
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