Do you know how Apple decides to repair your iPhone?

Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >
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Apple has always mesmerized smartphone buyers with its high-end products and smartphones, similarly, offering users smartphones with best specs and durability. Their customer services also seem good. However, no one exactly knew what kind of approach Apple follow when someone goes to their store and give them the damaged iPhone for the purpose of repairing and replacement. However, the information regarding iPhone’s approach towards repairing or replacing a damaged smartphone has been disclosed by Business Insider, an online media outlet. The media outlet retrieved a 22-page long leaked document in this regard.

The leaked document states, how Apple determines and instructs its technicians to inspect the phone, whether the product/smartphone is eligible for an in-warranty repair, or an out-of-warranty repair or if Apple has to dispatch a new phone entirely— meaning the phone is beyond repair.

If your phone is experiencing FaceTime camera foam misalignment then you are eligible for an in-warranty repair which is inexpensive. On the contrary, if your phone has LCD fracture or damaged audio connector then your phone will be repaired under out-of-warranty repair which is an expensive form of warranty. However, the phone will not be repaired if the phone contains catastrophic damage or is missing some of its parts— meaning if the phone is modified in any manner it will not be entertained under eligible warranty.

Apple retail technician while talking about leaked manual said to a media outlet, “We have one just like that for all of the products. Used more for the physical inspection and how to determine the cost for damage. That’s basically half the training for iPhone techs.”

The term eligible warranty which Apple offers is very ambiguous and often criticized by buyers. It would be worth mentioning here that you can only avail Apple’s warranty for eligible repairing purposes for a year after you have purchased their iPhone.