Apple will soon offer purchases from App Store in Pakistani rupees

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According to reports, Apple will soon start offering purchases from its App Store in Pakistani Rupees. In addition to purchases, Pakistani developers will also be offered payments in their local currency.

Google and Microsoft have already localized their online app stores to cater for the local currency in Pakistan. So far, Apple had been reluctant to follow their footsteps. It seems that this is about to change for good. The news of Apple changing the currency from Dollar to Rupees for Pakistani users come from an email Apple sent to a Pakistani customer. The contents of that email are:

App_Store In addition to Pakistani users, Apple is also planning to expand their payment range to multiple other countries and their respective local currencies.

How will this move benefit consumers?

After this move by Apple, Pakistani users who purchase something from Apple’s App Store will be exempt from the 3.5% exchange rate which they have to pay on every transaction. Also, it will make the whole experience much more user-friendly as the prices for Apps and Games will be shown in a familiar notation.

When will this switch happen?

Apple failed to mention any timeline for the rollout of this feature but if they are confirming this in correspondence with customers and developers, it means they are quite far along in the process. It is estimated that it will take one or two weeks for the change to be reflected on user’s devices.

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