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Apple’s new effort for ending resources mining

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

Apple had been thriving on the self-improvement journey for a long time. Apple is very cautious about the potential health hazards that can be caused by mining for the workers. That is why Apple is trying to become the first close-loop electronic manufacturing company of its time.

The company had started showing off its ecological consciousness in various areas a long time ago. One example of eco-friendliness is the usage of fully recycled aluminum for MacBook Air and Mac mini in 2018.

In a published report by Reuters, Apple claimed that it is focusing on closed-loop manufacturing of the gadgets. This means that the company is not using new materials rather using the old recycled material for its gadgets.

The company had manufactured a robot designated as Daisy recycling robot for closing the mining loop once and for all. This machine can recoup around 14 materials from the used iPhone like cobalt, tin, aluminum, and rare earth, etc. Daisy robot can disassemble over 200 iPhone each hour. For further refinement and extraction, the component freed by the process is then sent for the later procedure.

The head of Apple’s environment, policy, and social initiative Lisa Jackson Told in a report that iPhone was the first product selected for daisy’s Assemble mainly due to its mass popularity. The recycling efforts have guided Apple to use technology with other companies including the companies that are manufacturing electric vehicles right now.

Critics of the scheme despite the ecological effort firmly believe that it is more of a publicity stunt than being a serious effort by the smartphone giant. The chief executive of iFixit device repairs said”: “There is this ego that believes they can get all the mineral back but it is rather impossible.”

Tom Butler trade group president of the International council on mining and metal said: “To believe that Apple is a secure position when it comes to performing large scale recycling efforts. However not every industry has the potential of following the suit.”

As the electric vehicle is increasing, mining executives insist on acquiring new materials at a larger scale. Jackson further said:” We are not competing with the folks who are mining. There is nothing for miners to fear in this development.”