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Artificial Meteor Showers Might Soon Become a Reality

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Meteor Shower
Japanese firm ‘ALE’ plans to launch small satellites that will create an artificial meteor shower through tiny metal shooting star particles

Meteor showers are a rare instance that happen only around 30 times each year and are celebrated by humans. People all over the world fly thousands of miles to get a chance to view these beautiful celestial events with their own eyes.

Replicating this amazing astrological event, a Japanese company named ‘ALE’ is planning to create an artificial meteor shower, thus making it easier for people to experience this natural phenomena.

According to a report by The Independent, ALE is planning to launch its artificial meteor satellites in 2025 and it hopes to give everyone an “opportunity to view the world’s first live human-made meteor shower.”

According to a BBC report, ALE plans to create an artificial meteor shower by using a series of high pressure gas tanks in their satellites. These pressured gas tanks will shoot tiny star-like pellets, towards the earth at a speed of 8 kilometers per second.

Flying down the sky, these tiny pellets will give off a visual effect that’s similar to meteor showers, making the dark sky light up and look as beautiful as it looks during real meteor showers.

“In the future, by combining critical climate research with a new form of space entertainment we believe we can further our scientific understanding of climate change while also inspiring curiosity and interest in people all over the world about space and the universe,” said Lena Okajima, founder and CEO of ALE.

The shooting stars or pellets planned to be used by ALE measures 1 centimeter. ALE will take these shooting stars into lower earth orbit through their satellite. Once reached at an altitude of 400 kilometers, these shooting stars will be released, giving off a beautiful meteor shower like effect.


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