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From Lahore to Silicon Valley, tracing journey of Ali Islam Khan, ex-Director R&D at FireEye

In the ever-changing fast-paced technology ecosystem, only resilience builds leaders. To show an example, TechJuice chats with Ali Islam...

May 3 · >

Dank memes: The rise of social media incel groups in Pakistan’s digital space

Incitement of violence against women and animals is considered a form of dark humor in such groups.   Mahrukh*,...

Apr 22 · >

In conversation with Dr. Bushra Anjum on data and gender equity

When parents dream for their daughters to be well educated, financially independent and socially productive, incredible women are born....

Apr 12 · >

These two women are battling the gender biased technology industry by teaching coding to young girls

In 2018, the ‘Global Gender Gap Index 2018’ report ranked Pakistan the second worst country in the world in...

Apr 1 · >