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Beat the heat with these smart fabric tech clothes

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Researchers from the University of California are working together to develop a smart fabric which will help the wearer maintain a comfortable body temperature. The whole idea behind this project is to cut the electricity consumption for air conditioners.

According to a research conducted by these group fellows, 5% of US energy is spent on ACs which is a massive consumption percentage. This consumption is reflected in billions of dollars and millions of tons of carbon dioxide released into the air each year – making the environment less healthy and more damaging.

The US department of energy is supporting many such initiatives which will not only curb the ever-increasing demand of power consumption but will also make the environment clean and healthy. The project is right now under development phase, the target is to develop a wearable heating and cooling technology for workers in offices, thereby, decreasing air conditioner consumption. While several other projects like these are focused on outdoor workers, the aim of this one is only for indoor users. T-Shirts and other garments will be manufactured to maintain the temperature between 19 – 26 C.

The team is still working on the product and it’s at early stages, if things go smoothly, we will be able to see this product in a matter of few years.

Source: IEEE Spectrum

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