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Apple Reportedly Spending ‘Million of Dollars Each Day’ for AI Training

Avatar Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Working on multiple AI models, Apple has allocated several teams who are working on artificial intelligence projects in small groups

Apple is pouring millions of dollars into its AI development and training programs each day. Busy working on a number of different AI models, the company has allocated multiple teams who are working on artificial intelligence projects in small groups.

An example is Apple’s ‘conversational AI’ unit, also being referred to as the “Foundational Models”, has a team of just 16 members, all of whom are highly trained engineers, with some of them even being former Google employees.

The unit is headed by John Giannandrea, who is currently working as the head of AI at Apple and was hired back in 2018, when Apple wanted to improve the performance of ‘Siri’, its ever-so-famed digital voice assistant available in almost all iOS devices.

According to a news blog from ‘The Information’, Apple has a bunch of other teams working on artificial intelligence as well. Apple is reported to have a Visual Intelligence unit which is working on developing an image generation model, such as Midjourney or Dall-E2.

Another one of Apple’s AI worker groups is researching and developing ‘multimodal AI’, which are AI models that can recognize and produce images or even videos as well.

These AI models being trained at Apple can have a lot of use cases and would fit perfectly with Apple products. An AI chatbot being developed at Apple for example will soon be used for interactions with customers on AppleCare.


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