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Bitchy Urdu Cards – E-Cards With Witty Desi Captions

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed the idea of snarky ecards with witty desi captions instead of English ones, and slapped an innocent-looking illustration on top — all of which adds up to deliver a hilariously quirky (and bitchy) overtone? Abdullah Syed, a multi-talented Karachi-based artist, activist, and social media guru discussed the same question over a cup of coffee with his friends and thus, the idea of “Bitchy Urdu Cards” was born.

Officially launched only in August this year, the official Facebook page of Bitchy Urdu Cards flaunts 18K+ “likes” at the moment. The drollery created and posted on the page consists of sarcastic Urdu/Punjabi captions accompanied by a retro-themed illustration that is oft-times cadged from BluntCard posters but is still, no doubt, hilariously appropriate for the setting. “Appropriate” is a tricky word to use here since some of the people to view these cards might find them to be exactly opposite of that but this is also the point: to drive home the message (that is bluntly insulting most of the times) and spare the receiver no shred of regard, even if that means using innuendoes bordering on malediction.

At the end of the day, however, we can all agree that these cards are novel enough in their own right, and have the potential to sport an appeal for almost everyone’s taste. Scroll away to view the cards in their full glory; you might also want to follow the official BUC page on Facebook for updates.


“Do keep an eye on her; ‘going out for coffee’ is only paltering, I’m pretty sure.”


“Apologies, but this cake couldn’t hold all the candles for your age.”


“How many tea-spoons of poison for you?”


“Do you ogle at you mother like this too?”


“Dear, you photos turn out to be just as ugly despite being captured using a DSLR.”


“Even I don’t know why I gave birth to you.”


“Only cure for the likes of you is prevention.”


“You do talk loads of rubbish, don’t you?”


“Oh, but my son has topped in his school!”


“No, I don’t think that I like you at all.”


“Please don’t bother to get out of the way!”


“So you’re still alive? Oh…”


“Nope, still no sign of your manhood.”


“Thinking of you.” *drinks poison*


“Please accept this shirt as a gift. What if you haven’t been blessed with an acceptable face, at least you can still dress nicely.”


“Why don’t you ask your dad who taught him how to drive?”


“So, who’s it that you’re having an affair with this time?”


“Bitch please, you’re simply jealous of my looks.”


“I sincerely wish your parents hadn’t made their contribution to the world’s population.”


“Accept this gift for your birthday!”


“Why don’t you try that ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ thing? With boiling water, that is.”

Written by Uzair Ahmed
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