Bitcoin hackers are threatening people to leak their masturbation videos if they don’t pay up

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April 23, 2019
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Cryptocurrency sextortion continues.

Almost every crypto geek expected 2019 to be the best time for cryptocurrency boom, yet in an unlikely manner, the Bitcoin sextortion scams from 2018 are making an appearance once again. The residents of Norton, a small town in Kansas, US, are being threatened by crypto scammers to release victim’s personal and sensitive material unless they pay a Bitcoin ransom.

Norton Kansas Police Department issued a public notice on the Facebook page to warn the residents. The notice states that a new crypto scam comes in the form of an email. A hacker who has apparently accessed your computer through you watching pornographic videos. The hacker will then threaten you to post these videos online or send to your contacts if you don’t pay them with Bitcoins within two days.

The hacker claims to have stolen the personal data, and video of victims masturbating while watching pornographic videos. This seems like enough to push someone over the edge to pay the hacker in Bitcoins. The hacker promises not to release victims’ sensitive information if they agree to pay around $800 in Bitcoin.

Hacker has also explained the method of Bitcoin transaction simply through a Google search and also mentioned his Wallet address. See the photo below for an example of the scam email.

Norton police have advised the residents to ignore such emails, don’t open any links and obviously don’t send any Bitcoin to the address listed in the email.

At this point, it’s not clear whether this scam is only limited to a number of people in Norton or people around the globe are affected by it.

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