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Bitcoin is worth three times the price of gold

Written by Talha Hameed ·  1 min read >

Within one week Bitcoin (BTC) price has made history. First, it blew past the $3000 barriers, later, after three days it reached $3500. And if the trend remains same it is expected to $10,000 within this year. Now, it has become almost triple the price of gold and Wall Street strategists are terming it as best asset to own this year. Today Bitcoin is trading at $3492 or PKR 367,478.

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Other major cryptocurrencies are also showing an upward trend. Ethereum (ETH), which was released just two years ago, is trading around $290 (Rs. 30,612). Ethereum might not be in the knowledge of masses, as the case is with Bitcoin, but it does have the backing of reputed companies like JPMorgan and Microsoft. And above all, it hit a record by growing over 5000% this year. Ripple also managed to show an upward trend and is trading near Rs. 19 at the moment.

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Digital currency has gained the interest and confidence of the investors and general users as well.
A large number of investors are risking their money on digital currency than ever. Public awareness about it and their daily use are also increasing. And if this trend of Bitcoin and altcoin acceptability holds on like this then it certainly has a promising future.


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