Engineering University Students design a bomb defusing robot

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Pakistan is a nation of great potential and growth, we have proved ourselves in every field, not only on regional but also international platforms, whether it is arts or science. This time also four engineering students hailing from Narowal have made Pakistan proud by making an indigenous robot which can defuse bombs.

The students are currently enrolled in the University of Engineering Science and Technology’s Narowal sub-campus made this amazing project. They are claiming that the robot can not only defuse the bomb but can also do a surveillance job as well. If the claim which they are asserting is true then it will be of great help to our securities agencies which are facing obstacles, such as land mines, in FATA where operations are being conducted against militants. These land mines can be cleared with the help of this robot.

The students who have made this project are, Arqam Imran, Mubashar Ashraf, Subhan Ahmad and Ahmad Khan. They made this robot for their final year thesis project.

The robot can be controlled from a distance of 150 meters using the internet. Moreover, it can also run on an uneven surface with great ease. It is equipped with cameras and uses the trolley which is attached to it to move explosives from one place to another.

It would be worth mentioning here that the robot is fire-proof, which means it can work in extreme hot place — meaning it can help fire brigade in evacuating people from building.

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Moreover, at the start of this year students from Peshawar designed a special tiny car which can cover 180km in 1-liter fuel. These achievements by young ones show that the future of this country is bright.

Via: Dawn