Bootcamps Hosted by Zero Billion Aim To Better Educate Students

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer · 1 min read>

Pakistan is a country where our own education restricts us to textbook learning, this is true for all fields of study. While universities are trying their best to give their students the education they deserve, there are some facilities which can’t be given. This makes recruitment and selection difficult at the time of employment for the students, but what if they were able to get an edge over the herd of sheep?

Zero Billion is acting as a Managing Partner and looking to solve the problem of how to better help under-graduate students who aren’t being taught adequately from their institution. The company is currently in plans of going to various universities of Lahore and encouraging students to take part in their interactive Bootcamp Sessions. These sessions are in their prime but will focus on teaching; Software Development, Network & Systems, Industrial Automation and Marketing & Management.

Zero Billion should be applauded for undertaking this initiative to change the learning infrastructure. This plan should help students in University level be more prepared for the professional life by having them be a part of these sessions and adding to their learning experience. This can help give participating students an advantage over their peers at the time of recruitment, when they are applying for jobs.

Zero Billion has recognized the need of trained professionals in the various fields of engineering in Pakistan, the company hopes to change that shortfall with the help of these bootcamps and the instructors. These sessions and their instructors will help educate and empower students of various fields to learn more skills that aren’t being addressed to them by their institute.

Zero Billion intends on adding more subjects as they progress with these sessions. Their current target audience is under-graduate & graduate students, whom the company feels aren’t being given the full education that should be given to them in their relevant field. To help guide these youths, Zero Billion has enlisted the help of several high profile individuals from Pakistan. Among them are Sadaan Saeed, the COO of Loxvo Technologies, the company behind Yodiz.

Some of the other people who will be teaching at the bootcamps include: Hammad Tariq, Director of IOLogics Ltd. Fauzyab Ahmed, Sr. Manager of Warid Telecom and Waqaas Alvi, CEO of Zero Billion.