Calling all Python enthusiasts in Lahore: TechJuice Bootcamp for Python is coming to UCP on 19th January

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TechJuice was built with the aim to fill a gaping hole in the tech industry of Pakistan: coverage being given to startups to present their ideas and gain exposure in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. We are continuously looking for new areas with which to help push the budding tech community in Pakistan. Programs like 25 under 25 and events like TechJuice Circle are a testament to our commitment to bringing our audience closer to the latest innovations and high achievers in Pakistan’s technological landscape.

With the same enthusiasm and zeal in heart, we are taking on a brand new venture. In a partnership with Arbisoft, one of the leading software houses in Pakistan, TechJuice is arranging a boot camp in University of Central Punjab, Lahore, focused on giving the participants who are starting with Python programming a thorough understanding of the tools and frameworks available for this rapidly growing language.

TechJuice Bootcamp: Getting started with Python will feature speakers and mentors from Arbisoft. While working at one of the best and most prominent software houses in Pakistan, these industry veterans have been effectively making use of Python to solve complex and critical problems being faced by their clients. We believe that there is no one better who can give the first-hand experience to participants aspiring to learn more about Python than these amazing individuals. Following is a list of all the speakers coming to TechJuice Bootcamp for Python:

  • Omair Shamsir (Principal Software Engineer)
  • Daniyal Zahid (Senior Software Engineer)
  • Ehmad Zubair (Senior Software Engineer)
  • Osama Arshad (Software Engineer)
  • Ahmed Faraz (Software Engineer)

A tentative curriculum of the boot camp is as follows:

  • Why Python?
    • A small session covering the importance of Python in modern software development and analysis of reasons why Python is becoming the preferred language of such a large number of developers worldwide.
    • Speakers: Danial Zahid and Ehmad Zubair
  • Python Basics (1:15 hours)
    • An introductory session covering basic python syntax, use of variables, popular Data Types you need to know about before getting your hands dirty with actual development.
    • Speakers: Osama Arshad and Ahmed Faraz
  • Simple webpage development in Django (2 hours)
    • An interactive and fun session covering A to Z information about everything you need to know to get a simple webpage up and running using Django, a popular web framework written in Python.
    • Speakers: Omair Shamsir and Ehmad Zubair
  • Introduction to Git and Deployment on Heroku (1 hour)
    • Done with creating that webpage in Django? This session will teach you how to make proper use of Git (a super popular version control system) and deploy your site on the cloud using Heroku’s services.
    • Speakers: Osama Arshad and Daniyal Zahid
  • Closing Remarks
    • We’ll be sad to see you go after all these informative sessions but not without a few closing remarks from Omair Shamshir, a Principal Software Engineer at Arbisoft who has been working with Python, Django and React for more than 6 years.
    • Speaker: Omair Shamshir

TechJuice Bootcamp will take place in the University of Central Punjab on 19th of January. Registrations of the boot camp are currently open. If you are someone who has an interest in Python but is confused about where to start, or if you are looking to delve into web development using Django, this bootcamp is for you! So what are you waiting for? Follow this link and get yourself registered now!

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