Can you guess who is about to surpass Apple as the most valuable company?

By Maryam Dodhy on
January 23, 2016
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In a matter of time Apple will no longer be the most valuable company on the planet. In the most recent evaluation reported by New York Times, one particular company is closing in on Apple’s total net worth. That company happens to be Alphabet, formerly known as Google.

2015 was a pretty wild year for Alphabet. They under-went some drastic changes: they merged their businesses into one parent brand called Alphabet, Sergey Brin and Larry Page stepped down from Google’s C-suite – focusing more on Alphabet, Sundar Pichai became Google’s new CEO and Google’s logo under-went some tweaking. And this Friday they were valued at over $500 Billion.

Alphabet’s child brands (Sidewalk, Calico, Fiber, X) have been doing pretty good and with Android under their belt, they are a worthy opponent to Apple. Apple, on the other hand, has not been doing that great. Last year they released their much-hyped about Apple Watch which was ridiculously over-priced and failed to live up to expectations. Apple, however, did call 2015 their ‘most-successful year so far’ with a reported $234 billion earnings.

But if Apple fails to impress again this year, they could easily be over-taken by Alphabet and it really would be easy for them.

News Source – NY Times

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