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Sundar Pichai as CEO: Wikipedia goes to war over where he studied!

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In a surprise move on Monday, Larry Page shocked everyone by announcing a massive reorganization at Google, leading to the development of a new parent company called “Alphabet”, and Sundar Pichai becoming Google’s CEO. However, his sudden rise to fame has given birth to a new amusing kind of dilemma as now people keep updating his information on Wikipedia and it seems that not everyone agrees on where he studied.

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Sundar Pichai has been pretty famous for quite some time due to his endeavours at Google, but being the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world has some new responsibilities, some of which you aren’t even ready for, like keeping a track of your own Wikipedia page. When Pichai woke up on Monday, he was an Indian guy born and brought up in Tamil Nadu and had done his schooling at Jawahar Vidyalaya. But when he woke up as a CEO the next day, he had his home town changed at least three times and even got into and graduated from a few other schools and universities, all in one day. How is that possible? Well, that’s what his Wikipedia page says.

Here, have a look at some of the screenshots of his Wikipedia page,

This is the unaltered pre-CEO version.

Sundar 1

Now, he becomes the CEO of Google, the madness begins. Look, his Alma mater now shows “JVSSS” as well,

Sundar 2

Somebody was not happy with JVSSS, so they changed it to Vana Vani.

Sundar 3


Instead of exchanging schools, Wikipedia trolls decided to give him two more schools. Best kind of trolls ever.

Sundar 4


Changing schools isn’t enough, time to give him a new hometown.

Sundar 5


New hometown, please.

Sundar 6

No educational background at all? Well, we weren’t expecting that one.

Sundar 7

So what is all this really about? Well, Wikipedia is open for anyone to edit(except protected pages), that’s how it continues to grow. Wikipedia itself says, “Anyone can edit any unprotected page and improve articles immediately for all readers. You do not need to register to do this.” So as a result, anyone can go and have some fun. Since becoming CEO, Pichai’s Wikipedia page has had some 300+ edits and we are sure this is going to go on for a while.

Sundar Meme

Sundar Pichai has had a tremendous spell at Google and in just 11 years of joining the search-giant, he has risen up the ranks to become the Mountain View-based company’s Chief Executive Officer. Google is now a house-hold name, and one of the biggest and most valuable brand around the world with thousands and thousands of employees, which makes his rise in the company to the top seems quite astonishing given this short period of time. But when you consider Sundar Pichai’s achievements, such as being the one one behind the most famous browser in the world today (Chrome) along with his extensive amount of work for Android and Google Maps(two of the biggest divisions of Google), he does seem the perfect man for the job after Larry Page.

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