Casio is launching the most economical outdoor smartwatch

By Asra Rizwan on
April 20, 2018
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Casio is introducing Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch, USD-F20A that will run Wear OS of Google. The smartwatch is identical to Casio’s previous Wear OS watches not only in terms of appearance but also has the same features and specs. However, it costs $100 less than previous variants for the outdoor smartwatch. The newest watch by Casio will be launching on May 1st with a price tag of $399.

The new Casio watches look very different from the conventional Wear OS devices. The watches have been highly customized to provide efficiency and increased usability for outdoor navigation. The latest models of the Casio Wear OS devices include not only GPS and mapping but also comes with an altimeter, barometer, and compass. These watches can also function as an activity tracker, which is currently the most common use of smartwatches. The watches are designed to rugged and water-resistant.

An edition of Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch, WSD-F20 was launched earlier this year. The upcoming edition and the previous edition are totally identical except for their color and some minor distinctions. The newest edition does not have a stainless buckle or grips for easier use with gloves.

The original edition of Pro Trek turned out to be a great product for hikers, however, it fell short for various other outdoor activities such as cycling. This year’s model will be addressing all these shortcomings of the previous editions.

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