Chinese Model Of Water Purification To Be Soon Implemented In Pakistan To Overcome Waterborne Diseases

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Water Purification

The Chinese model of the Water Purification System should be replicated in Pakistan to reduce the possibility of waterborne diseases, which are troubling Pakistan’s economy by up to $1.4 billion every year and are the biggest source of gastrointestinal infections.

Pakistan China joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) President S.M. Naveed, while talking to a reporter here Saturday, suggested this to the government for adopting a viable strategy on this count.

He observed that the water crisis was a global issue and now China wants to benefit the world since Pakistan faced such a crisis, particularly in Sindh and northern Punjab, which is why they would introduce such plants to Pakistan.

S.M. Naveed mentioned that China’s global freshwater resources were merely six percent whereas they have to provide clean drinking water to 20 percent of the world population. With years of research and exploration, he added, china has devised water needs but also provided people with medically approved healthy water.

It was said in the meeting that the replication of this system could overcome water diseases in Pakistan, particularly in poor cities that are not getting access to clean water.

Head of the delegation Zheng said that China’s global freshwater sources are merely 6% whereas; they have to provide clean drinking water to 20% of the world’s population.

“However with years of research and exploration, China has devised a water purification system that not only enabled it to meet its water needs but also provided people with medically approved healthy water.”

He said that China developed products that kill deadly bacteria and viruses in parts of the developing world where access to water filtration was limited. He cited that water in Shanghai was obtained from the Huangpu River, and the remaining 20 percent came from the Yangtze River.

Unfortunately, both were among the most polluted rivers in the world but with the help of the latest technology of purification system, the Chinese were combating this challenge and also willing to share it with the world.

PCJCCI president said the existing framework of Pakistan’s water purification system needs to be revolutionized and such technologies will bring innovations in water purification is vital as water chlorination is causing more harm than tap water itself.

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