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Court rules against Apple in a $440 million case

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A US court has turned down Apple’s appeal in a lawsuit valued at over $440 million.

Back in 2016, Apple filed an appeal against a court’s decision over its VirnetX case. After the decision has been upheld by the US Appeals court, Apple will still have to pay a total of $440 million to VirnetX. The amount was valued at $302 million originally but now has inflated to $439.7 million because of “interest, enhanced damages, and other costs.”

VirnetX had sued Apple over copyright infringement over an intellectual property originally held by the company. The case which revolved around the Face Time technology picked up by Apple in its iPhones mentioned that the technology infringes on patents originally held by VirnetX.

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Apple mentioned that it would once again appeal against the court’s ruling. Apple now owes a cumulative of $942 million to VirnetX. VirnetX also has another pending case against Apple for an additional $502.6 million. This court which is pending in another court involves features like iMessage and VPN.

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