Cryptocurrency jobs have doubled in the last 6 months, Report

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The cryptocurrency market is thriving right now. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that companies working in this area are rapidly looking to hire new employees.

According to a recent report from AngelList, the cryptocurrency market is riding high right now. More money has been poured into this sector in the first half of 2017 than all of 2016 combined. As cryptocurrency companies/startups have raised more funding, they have also begun hunting for top-notch talent. As a result, the number of job listings in cryptocurrency startups on AngelList has doubled over the last six months.

What kind of jobs are available?

The interesting thing is, that these companies are not just hiring for technical roles, but non-technical roles as well. There is a rapid demand for engineers who have a background in cryptocurrency and blockchain. There are also numerous openings in marketing, business development, operations, customer support, and other non-technical areas.

The report states,

“Cryptocurrency companies are hiring in record numbers and looking for both technical and non-technical talent. On AngelList alone, companies are recruiting for 2500+ open technical roles and 1000+ non-technical roles.”

Technical Roles

The three most common technical roles for which cryptocurrency startups are looking to hire include Blockchain Engineers, Full-stack Developers, and Front-end Developers.

Blockchain Engineers would mostly be required to work in Solidity – a smart-contract language for Ethereum. They’ll create custom tokens, decentralized apps, or custom blockchain apps using tools like Multichain and IBM’s Hyperledger.

Full Stack Engineers are expected to work with similar tools and technologies as their front-end developer counterparts with an addition of MySQL or MongoDB for account management. Here’s a look at the top skills for Full Stack Developers at cryptocurrency startups:

Design aesthetics are crucial to any product’s success and cryptocurrency startups realize that. There are numerous open positions for people with experience in UI/UX Design. Front-end developers are mostly expected to work with technologies like Javascript, React.js, HTML/CSS, Node.js, Angular.js, Jquery, and Redux.

Non-technical roles

In non-technical roles as well there are high chances of getting hired. The positions mostly available in such roles include positions in Operations, Product Design, and Business Management.

Better Salaries & Benefits

According to the report, the top three reasons to join a cryptocurrency startup is because they offer better salaries and the flexibility to work remotely. Moreover, people who get hired at these startups also receive coins which are an equity-like compensation.

Cryptocurrency is in a huge bubble right now. People are still getting to know how it works and the implications it could have on their businesses. But most importantly there are no regulations yet regarding this form of digital currency. What would happen if we mass-adopt it? Nonetheless, people are diving into this trend. Malaysia recently announced its decision to legalize Bitcoin. Russia started offering cryptocurrency courses in its top universities. And Sam Altman of YCombinator expressed the accelerator’s interest in adopting Blockchain for raising investment for its startups. It doesn’t really come as a shock that cryptocurrency startups are rapidly hiring people who are experts in this domain.

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