Deep Dive – Crowdfunding success stories from Pakistan

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The following crowdfunding series is a collaboration between TechJuice and Startup Early.

As crowdfunding proves to be a successful alternative for emerging businesses to raise capital globally, it has proved to be super fruitful for startups from Pakistan as well. We will be going over a number of startups from Pakistan who became successful through crowdfunding:

VANHAWKS VALOUR | Carbon Fiber Bike

This particular bike is the first connected bike featuring performance tracking, security sensors & interactive feedback to radically change the way you ride. It has the most influential technology integrated into it and offers a unique commuting experience.

Funding raised: $820,000+

THE GLASSWORKER | Hand-drawn Animated Film

Directed by Usman Riaz, ‘The Glassworker’ (شیشہ گر) is an upcoming Pakistani Urdu-language, hand-drawn animated film about a young girl and boy who discover that life is beautiful but fragile, like glass. 

Funding raised: $116,000+

MARKHOR | Handmade Leather Shoes and Accessories

Founded in 1992 with the aim of combining leather with fashion, Markhor carried the nobility of the skin to the lines of the day and became the first representative of a brand-new way of life and elegance. They provide stylish and useful designs for leather shoes and accessories.

Funding raised: $107,000+

PRSRV | Power Bank

It is the world’s first energy-efficient power bank that fits inside your wallet.  This power bank once completely charges your mobile, stops the electric supply and starts PRSRVing the energy within the power bank. 

Funding raised: $77,000+

To summarize, crowdfunding lends itself well in facilitating startups to find funding by omitting gatekeepers. Anyone with a great idea and the ability to execute it can raise the funds needed to succeed and enables anyone looking to make an impact, even if they have $20 to spend.

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Author: Fatima Ansar