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DeliveriT, a same day delivery service startup, launches in Karachi

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Same day deliveries are a rarity in Pakistan, and even when available, will cost an arm and a leg. With the heavy emergence of e-commerce in Pakistan, there also comes the cost of waiting several days for the product reaching your door even though you are ordering in the same city as the online website. DeliveriT is looking to fill the e-commerce delivery gaps by making same-day deliveries of the orders made online.

DeliveriT was launched in Karachi on July 16th from The Nest i/o, building on the promise of delivering food, parcels, online shopping goods and much more on the same day of the order. The service is currently exclusive to Karachi but expansion plans to Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad are also in the pipeline.

The company’s roots lie in the experienced backgrounds of two brothers, Monis and Masood Jan Allawala, who are versed in Business Consulting, Marketing and Industrial Engineering. When they started an online clothing store two years ago, they faced inconveniences with their logistical partners and saw this as an opportunity to grow.

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“We received a great response initially, where people loved our clothes and our prices but were really put off with the delays in products reaching them. They also complained about the courier company, which I don’t want to name, telling them and us lies of how we tried delivering and the customer wasn’t there etc.”, says Monis, the CEO of DeliveriT. “In the end, we decided that the only way that e-commerce is going to take off in Pakistan is with a courier service whose focus is more on customer service and ensuring 100% transparent tracking is available to the e-commerce businesses and to the end consumers as well,” adds Masood.

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However, technology was never their strong suit and this is when Nest i/o comes into the picture. Rigorous training, vibrant working environment and mentors played a helping hand in achieving their utmost potential. Within 4 months, The Nest i/o managed to shape DeliveriT to what it stands as now.

“Congratulations Masood and Monis on achieving this milestone and launching your same day delivery service which will indeed be helpful for e-commerce businesses and their customers around Pakistan.” said Jehan Ara, President of P@SHA and The Nest i/o. “We know your service is bound to be successful because we at The Nest i/o have been your customers for the past 3 months and have experienced the professionalism, high level of customer satisfaction and efficiency that DeliveriT is committed to. Go out there and make us proud.”

As we were working on this article, we discovered that the startup website was hacked. DeliveriT should definitely look into better security options for their website. For a company involved in the e-commerce industry, to be hacked within a week of its launch is not a good way to get their name out there.

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Considering how this company will be handling sensitive user information such as emails, phone numbers, and other sensitive data, users might not feel safe while shopping from the online venture. Every web startup should invest in better security options to protect the end-users and themselves from hacking and other security vulnerabilities.

Apart from the security issues, let’s see if the company will survive in a heavily saturated market of courier services and other delivery platforms such as Delivery Chacha, Forrun, Stallion, TCS (Haazir), Leopards, OCS, and many other commercial companies.