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Develop your own game by learning these free courses

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We recently recommended courses you should learn before you will launch your first startup in order to avoid some common mistakes. In Quick Tips today, we’ll recommend you some free courses that will help you make your first game and begin your career as a developer.

Before we highlight the details of the courses you ought to take, here are some introductory courses which will prepare you to learn these courses more effectively;

  1. Java Programming Basics – Prepare yourself for programming on Android and the Web
  2. Introduction to JavaScript – Create animations and understand variables and strings.

When you have gone through those courses above then proceed to ones given below to develop your first game:

1. Create a 2048 game in just 1 day

For those who have zero experience in programming and don’t want to take the above courses, then enroll in this course from Udacity. You will learn the basics of HTML and CSS as well as their interaction with JavaScript. It’ll only take you a day to complete this course and make an extremely addictive puzzle game.

2. Create a roll-a-ball game with Unity

This is an easy start for those who want to learn Unity but with a practical outcome. Unity 3D is a popular programming language and a favorite for developers if they want to create a game for cross platform execution. With Unity, you can publish your game across Android, iOS and Windows all with one code.

This course has been created by Unity in which they will highlight the basics of programming such as creating objects, physics, scripting, moving the camera and the player etc.

3. Create a 2D Platformer game

For those who want to take things a little more seriously, this course from Udacity will teach you to develop your first game for mobile or Windows using LibGDX. LibGDX is a framework built on Java so it is mandatory that you have basic knowledge regarding it before you start this course.

You will be able to develop Icicles, an extremely simple game in which players have to dodge icicles dropping from the sky by either tilting their phone or using the arrow keys.

4. Create a memory game using JavaScript

This course from Khan Academy will allow you create a memory game using JavaScript. You will learn regarding 3D graphics, scene management, visualization, menus, manipulation of shapes and more in this course. Before you start learning this, you should have some know-how regarding JavaScript and we have shared the link above for a free course.

By taking this course, you will be able to make a side scroller game called Hoppy Beaver as well as a memory game where you try to find pairs once you flip over cards.

Do you have any free courses to recommend regarding game development?

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