PITB’s e-Challan system for NHMP has gathered Rs 4.4 billion

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January 26, 2018
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Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB) has revolutionized the ecosystem of each sector of Pakistan by providing various advanced technological tools. PITB helped National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) by developing an electronic ticketing system, which has improved the effectiveness of challan process. According to the reports, the e-Challan system of PITB has issued around 13 million e-Challans for NHMP until now.

The e-ticketing system of PITB is helpful in many ways as it gives drivers the relief of paying their fines at the spot, saving their time that was earlier wasted in depositing the fine at banks and traffic police offices to get their documents back. Dr. Umar Saif VC of Information Technology Univesity and Chairman PITB has said that a total of around Rs. 4.4 billion have been earned by issuing e-Challan to the traffic rules violators by NHMP.

The PITB’s e-Challan system now works all over Pakistan. The system is centrally controlled by PITB, which gives basic training to the concerned officials of NHMP in their offices.

PITB’s e-Challan system is also helpful in keeping the record of the traffic violations. Motorway Police has been provided with Android smartphones and Android tablets. These devices are interlinked with each other and also with the printers via Bluetooth. The system is also centrally controlled by the main server of PITB via 3G service. After the issuance of challan, the Bluetooth printer immediately prints the receipt that will be then given to the violators. Meanwhile, the main server will send an SMS alert containing information like the type of traffic offense, persons involved in the offense, and type of the challan to the offenders.

Meanwhile, PITB made e-Challan service functional in Lahore back in 2016, which served over 1000 challans in the very beginning of its services.

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