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EatOye releases its iPhone app, Hopes to make it big!

Written by Fariha Muazzam ·  1 min read >

Food industry has been developing and expanding in Pakistan, since recent years. With many multinational food brands infiltrating our food market; and numerous national brands competing right away with them, it should not come as a surprise that many online food portals have been opened up to bridge the gap between the seller and the consumer. This puts the customers at ease, if they want to find a restaurant fit for them to visit or,otherwise, order food from.

Here is when EatOye, previously known as FCPakistan, comes in the picture; one web portal that has added a lot to the revenue of our 15 billion PKR worth food market. It started as a basic informative portal for people to keep a tab on restaurants; check out reviews, menus and price range.

However, only six months ago they added a new feature, the option of making online reservations or placing online orders, to their website.They partnered with over 1000+ restaurants across 15 cities of Pakistan and are said to have served 50,000 customers and carried out more than 22000 transactions on monthly basis. Which has helped their partner restaurants generate PKR 100 million earnings in total, on their behalf. Besides, it has also been reported that EatOye’s online traffic is almost 300,000 per month. And now it is the premier online food portal, according to Alexa. It’s top competitors like Panda, Urbanite, Foortal etc, come only second to it.

Now, that many of the aforementioned competitors have already launched their mobile apps, it would not have been long before that EatOye team decided to do that too. With smartphone users increasing day by day, an app is the best thing you can use to make a mark in the market.
As the chief executive officer Mr.Nauman Sikandar sums it up

“ We are anticipating a massive increase via mobile orders this year and see mobile as an exciting area for growth in 2014 and beyond…”

Besides, a mobile app is the best all-time advantage that you can have at your disposal for searching and finding suitable restaurants. It saves time and trouble.In consideration with the public demands and market standing, EatOye launched its first ever mobile app for iPhone on June 24,2014.

Their application, which has been developed in collaboration with ARPATECH, is very user friendly and is only just first of many great things they wish to accomplish through this. As the chief technology officer Rai Umar says

“Ordering from a menu on a mobile device can be fiddly but with our inline-ordering experience, there is no flip flopping back and forth. You can just add items right there on the menu”

In conclusion, EatOye is all set to conquer-it-all. By implementing great new ideas they are trying to make a brand name and product team. Because “innovation is a major focus area for EatOye and this mobile app is first of many mobile developments at EatOye..”

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