Electricity restored in 70% of Lahore, LESCO

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Lahore Fort

Half of the Lahore went into darkness yesterday evening when over 50 feeders tripped as a result of a fault in 220KV transmission line.

Due to scorching heat yesterday it became unbearable for the citizens to pass time. As of now, at the time of writing this news, Lahore Electricity Supply Company has claimed that over 70% of Lahore has been restored with the electricity. The 30% areas are still, suffering from the power shortage.

Some of the towns and societies after Thokar, Bund Road, Shadman, Township, Johar Town, etc were impacted as a result of this fault.

Power breakdowns are not a new thing in Lahore or Pakistan. As a result of the shortage of power generation, citizens have been facing breakdown for several years. In May and June, load-shedding was very common but now after the elections, things have drastically improved.

Business and Industries are impacted the most from power shortages as the machinery can’t work and the expected yield of that day is not produced. Now with the new government in power, it is expected that things will take a positive turn and the newly formed government will work towards developing more energy generation dams and power plants to fulfill the country’s electricity needs. Once the power shortage is resolved, the business will flourish adding to the economy of Pakistan.

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