Elon Musk deletes his Twitter account, announces on Twitter

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Elon Musk has been quite popular for roasting competitors and making bold claims on his Twitter account, which landed him in hot water with the SEC a while back. He has been quite active on Twitter, responding to customer comments as well as people who would tag him in Tesla related posts but suddenly the billionaire has decided to shut down his Twitter account.

As you can see in the tweet below, Elon says that his Twitter account has been deleted:

As of right now, if you go through his profile, you will see that the profile pic is black and the background is of 4 planets. Taking a look at the replies before that Twitter post, they were fairly normal and no case of an incident is present as you can see below:

Suddenly making a decision to delete his Twitter account is absurd and whether it is because of pressure by SEC is unknown. Tesla hasn’t officially commented on the matter yet but it may seem that the rule SEC imposed on getting each tweet related to Tesla proofread by his lawyer has gotten to him. The “funding secured” tweet sent Tesla’s shares skyrocketing but afterwards, they plummeted when SEC initiated an inquiry into the matter.

Do you think Elon is joking or has he finally decided to ditch Twitter for good?

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