Employees of Microsft, Amazon caught using prostitution services

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The global tech industry has been a subject to loads of controversy, mishaps, and scandals. Multiple corporate giants like Uber and Tesla have gone through a number of series legal troubles over such scandals.

A shocking report by Newsweek has revealed the increasing interest of tech industry’s employees in prostitution rings, which often takes place in an organized form, i.e. through brothels. It has been discovered, after a sting operation against online prostitution boards, that employees of multiple tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon etc. are involved in the immoral practice.

It has been reported that multiple emails have been sent by employees using their company email addresses to brothels and pimps in Seattle. The report states that brothels and pimps demand emails from company addresses in order to verify that individuals are not affiliated with law enforcement agencies.

Newsweek has obtained the cache of these emails after sending a Public Records request to the King County Prosecutor’s office. The report has also credited a sting operation against key Amazon and Microsoft directors in 2015 as a main source of information.

The report has disclosed brief details about the emails, which include 67 sent from Microsoft employee accounts, 63 from Amazon employee account among loads of others sent using company accounts of firms like T-Mobile, Boeing etc.

Past reports claim that the sex industry in Seattle has doubled in size during 2005 and 2012, with the biggest number of consumers coming from members of the tech industry. Interestingly, it has been noted that the boom in the sex industry neatly coincides with the boost in the tech industry.

The report further reveals that some men spend up to $50,000 each year on sex workers, while another notable fact is that brothels in Seattle often use Microsoft as a marketing tactic, boasting their close proximity to the Microsoft Headquarters.

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