EzPz Sehat enters into a partnership to develop doctors consultation and appointment tools

By TechJuice on
May 19, 2016
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Healthcare startup, EzPz, which allows you to book appointments with doctors online has struck a deal with E4 Technologies. The partnership entails development of a powerful data platform through which doctors can be selected for consultation, and appointments can be set online. Through this initiative, EzPz is aiming to make the normal procedures of consultations and appointments hassle free which otherwise would have consumed many hours of patients and doctors.

While speaking to TechJuice Ms. Maliha Khalid, Co-Founder and CEO of EzPz Sehat, said
“Considering the proven track record of E4 Technologies this partnership will complement the services EzPz Sehat aims to provide.” She went on to say that, “We’re pleased to have entered into this partnership and believe that the collaboration will prove to be mutually beneficial, and even more so for our valued users.”

Through EzPz website, you can search for whichever specialty doctor you’re looking for and book an appointment. What makes the task easier is that the website holds reviews for all doctors allowing you to judge for yourself. You can even add a review yourself about your experience, making the decision easier for future patients.

Currently, there are over 30 million internet users in Pakistan and with the launch of 3G/4G services. The population is quickly embracing the internet and getting online. Ambitious to help the growing internet user base, the startup is eyeing on the development of the new set of tools.

Umer Adnan, Co-Founder and CEO of E4 Technologies said that, “We developed this product for EZPZ Sehat by combining our expertise in User experience, Design thinking and knowledge of software and cloud platforms necessary to support the smooth running of Ezpz’s system. We’re also going to come up with dedicated Apps for doctors that allow them to make the transition to our system hassle free”

EzPz Sehat was also part of the most recently accelerated batch of invest2innovate. The healthcare industry is one of the most lucrative one for the investors. The average valuation of healthcare startups in the world is 4.4 million dollars. In the absence of any market leading health startups online in Pakistan, there is a huge room for upcoming entrepreneurs to explore this segment and tackle the health issues, this country is facing today.

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