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No, Facebook did not try to prevent you from deleting your posts

Written by Uzair Khalid ·  1 min read >
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Facebook keeps introducing new features on all of their platforms including Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook itself. But it looks like this time Facebook did not introduce a feature but removed one. And it is not exactly a feature, it is a necessary thing for a social media platform. We are talking about the ability to delete a post from Facebook. Some users are reporting that it is not letting them delete their Facebook post and that is annoying for them. Whenever they click on the 3 dots at the right of the post, the “Delete” option is missing from there. Only the hide button is present there and you can not edit the post as a blank post as well.

A lot of users started to post on Twitter about not being able to delete their posts. Here are some of the tweets.

But later on, it turned out that Facebook did not actually try to stop you from deleting your posts. First of all, the ability to delete posts was not hidden from everyone, it was removed for some users only. 2ndly, it was just a bug as Facebook always tries to test its new features with a small number of audience. It looks like it was trying to test some new feature with its audience but that did not turn out well. For those of you who still can’t see the delete button on their posts and want to remove them, they can always go to the Activity Log on your profile and remove the posts from there.

There’s one more thing to be noted that the option was only missing from the desktop version of the Facebook. It was still available on the mobile app and even when you visit Facebook from any mobile browser. Some people are also speculating that Facebook is urging users to move to its mobile app and start using it more as it is the mobile-first era. Moreover, Facebook got a little attention on Twitter as well.

Facebook is now reverting the changes and hopefully, the delete post function will be again available for everyone. Are you seeing the delete post option or is it gone for you as well?

Written by Uzair Khalid
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