Brace yourselves Facebook Stories are coming to desktop

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Facebook Stories

Yeah, that’s right. You might not like Facebook Stories at all and even Facebook knows that no one is using them, but the company is bringing the stories to your desktop nonetheless.

Facebook stole the idea of stories from Snapchat and introduced it in Instagram first. Later on, the company invaded WhatsApp and Facebook with stories. A lot of people use stories on Instagram and WhatsApp but a very few people use it on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. ‘Stories’ are everywhere and you cannot escape them.

Facebook Stories were only available on mobile until now, but the company is testing its story feature on Facebook desktop as well. Now when you’ll open the Facebook homepage on your desktop or laptop, you’ll be able to see the stories on the top right of your News Feed. (I hope it will not have a dot for new stories like on WhatsApp, which urges you to click them even if you don’t want to).

As mentioned, a lot of people (more than 250 million) use Instagram Stories and Facebook continues to bring new features to it and that makes sense. Now it seems like the company is forcing people to use stories on Facebook as well. We’ll have to wait and see if it gives any boost to the stories users on Facebook.

Image — TechCrunch

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