You can now reply to Instagram Stories with photos and videos

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Instagram Stories

Instagram has rolled out a new exciting feature for its users, enabling one to reply to Instagram Stories with photos and videos.

Along with photos and videos, Instagram now lets one use any of the creative tools in the Instagram camera including the Boomerang, face filters, Reverse and stickers to reply to Instagram Stories. One can also add a new sticker, containing the original story, anywhere on the frame and resize it.

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With the new update installed, when one opens the story, a camera button appears at the bottom right of the story. One can press that button to get access to all the Instagram camera features and reply the way one wants.

After one gets a reply to his/her story, one will get a message in his/her inbox.

And if one takes a screenshot, the sender will get the notification. The reply will disappear after 24 hours.

This feature will help users to get more expressive as one can tell his/her friends how exactly one is feeling right at the moment with just sending a sticker, photo, or a video.

This might not be a huge update but it will surely increase the conversational engagement in Instagram Stories. The update is a part of Instagram v10.28. You can update your app from Google Play Store.

Moreover, the archival of Instagram, Snapchat has also recently introduced a new Maps feature for its user world over.

Previously, Instagram added the ability to hide photos and added 2-factor authentication.

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