Now users can share Facebook ‘Stories’ to public

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari ·  58 sec read >

Social media giant Facebook has rolled massive update for its Facebook Stories feature, which it copied from Snapchat. Now the Facebook stories will be shared publically with anyone on Facebook platform. Previously one can only share Story with his/her friends.

The company said, “The ‘Public’ setting allows your ‘Followers’ to see your story, in addition to your ‘Friends.”

How to make Facebook Story public:

First post your photo or video in friends mode view then view your own published story and tap the more button option, a new window would pop up, then tap on the option named as edit Story setting. Now you will be able to change the Story setting from friends to the public. After the setting is changed your story can now be viewed by any one. You can see the names of friends who have viewed your Story and can also count other followers who have viewed your Story, but without their names.

With two billion users world wide the feature will allow the social site to grow even further, undermining Snapchat’s popularity in the process. Let’s see how Snapchat reacts to this update by Facebook.

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Apart from updating Facebook Stories feature, the company is also planning to release a new system to let users pay for articles they read on Facebook. Additionally, Facebook has partnered with various content creative companies to launch its own TV service across the whole globe.

Furthermore, the company has updated its platform now allowing users to make their own GIFs using the camera in the Facebook app.