Farhan Masood Scores another Achievement for Pakistan!

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Farhan Masood, a Known name in Tech Industry

People who follow the news from Pakistani tech industry are not new to Farhan Masood. He has been working since the past 17 years and has been a part of some great projects. The CEO of SoloTech, Farhan never fails to surprise us with his immense skill and determination to make dreams come true. He was also featured in The AppJuice’s list of 15 Techies to Follow on Twitter and 7 Outstanding Innovators from Pakistan. In a recent attempt, Farhan has outdone himself. Inspired by the thriller featuring Tom Cruise, Minority Report(2002), Farhan decided to create futuristic technology that would help overcome the security problems the world of today faces. This laid the basis for his new company, SoloMetrics.

SoloMetrics, providing better Security Solutions

SoloMetrics, a company by Farhan Masood aims to research and develop modern technology that will aid in better, advanced security solutions: the need of today. SoloMetrics specializes in BioMetric solutions, developing integrated solutions that can revolutionize the security solutions available today. SoloMetrics is an IT company founded on innovation and it intends to create solutions that will help the modern world.

Mace® partnering with SoloMetrics to provide a secure, safer future

Mace® Security International is a known name when it comes to personal defense products (MACE pepper spray rings a bell?) The company also provides home security solutions, security cameras and remote monitoring systems. Mace® is now partnering with SoloMetrics hoping to bring security solutions that you have only seen in movies till now! Think of the impact that it will have on the world that we live in today where security has become a basic need for everyone. IT will finally bring innovative ideas to the table.

“This partnership will create unprecedented opportunities in the area of security,” said John J. McCann, president and CEO of Mace Security International

SoloMace is all set to launch in 2014!

This is a big news for SoloMetrics and a huge achievement for Pakistan showing that hard work and persistence eventually pays off. Pakistani innovators have the skill to change the world and Farhan Masood simply proves the point. We wish Farhan the very best of luck and hope to see more innovators from Pakistan raise the proverbial flag.

Written by Qurat Zafar
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