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Farrukh Kamran; The Only Pakistani Working In Koenigsegg Automotive

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Koenigsegg Farrukh Kamran

Farrukh has recently started his new job at Koenigsegg, the company which makes the fastest automotive cars on earth for example the Agera R, S, and Regera series are considered some of the fastest cars. Farrukh is employed as a manufacturing engineer and would add his efforts in the company to make more fast cars in the future. He joined the company in June this year and his remarks on joining the new firm were;

I am excited that I have joined Koenigsegg Automotive AB as a Manufacturing Engineer. It is time to say goodbye to my awesome colleagues at Elonroad AB. Together we have made a fantastic journey to electrify the roads and I had the amazing opportunity to work with a great team.”

Koenigsegg Farrukh Kamran

He shared that he had been fated to become an engineer as he was curious about how the things around him work and wanted to study the working and manufacturing of machines. So nature gave Farrukh what he wanted the most and made his livelihood depends on it. Proving his interest and explaining the reason behind doing engineering, Farrukh said;

Since childhood, I was interested in knowing how things work. I have always been curious about the technology behind the working principle of a machine. Probably the reason why I became an Engineer.”


He did his 4-year Mechanical Engineering from UET Lahore in 2011 and after graduating he started working for PakArab Fertilizers Ltd. as a Graduate Trainee Engineer remotely from his hometown Multan. He professionally got his hands on cars first time in 2012 when he joined Honda Atlas Cars, Pakistan Ltd. as an Executive Field Engineer where he started learning about the manufacturing of cars, and his interest in cars started to rise.

He was offered a job in PDO LLC, Oman and he moved to Muscat in June 2013 and worked there till May 2015. It was, as far as I can figure out, the most exciting job for him in his career as he got to in-depth about 3D printing and CAD.

Koenigsegg Farrukh Kamran

Perhaps the most exciting job for me throughout my career. I was working as a Mechanical Design Engineer. I developed an immense interest in designing with CAD tools and became highly proficient with SolidWorks.”


He came back to Pakistan in May 2015 and started his own design engineering company by the name The Mak3rs (Pvt.) Ltd. The Total turnover of the company in 2019 was 5 million PKR. The company had a 90% foreign clientele majority from the USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Some of the services we provided at The Mak3rs were 3D CAD designing, 3D scanning, 3D printing, training, seminars, prototyping, etc.

I am one of the pioneers in Pakistan who introduced 3D printing in the country. We provided design services as well as manufacturing services such as 3D Printing. DFM/DFA was a key focus and design for injection molding. I was not only just taking care of business but also working as an Electromechanical designer as well.”

Koenigsegg Farrukh Kamran

Later in 2020, the group of 4 engineers was acquired by another big company and Farrukh went to Sweden for his Master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Högskolan Väst which he completed in 2021.

Now for the future, he holds the most positive and optimistic attitude and he is looking forward to having a great time at Koenigsegg.

Super thrilled to embark on the next chapter in my career and to be a part of such a unique and dynamic team at Koenigsegg. Indeed, there would be so much for me to learn from all the innovative and incredible people that make the magic happen and build world-class hypercars!”

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