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Food beside being a necessity, at times is our guilty pleasure.It is there to take away the pain of a hectic day or uplift your mood after a bad day. Or it is enjoyed with a group of beloved ones on a special day. In other words, food is medicine for life and is what most of us really love, because there is no love sincerer than the love of food.

So, it important for food lovers that what they eat is what they can enjoy and afford. Here is when the need of online food portals comes to ones mind. As it is easier to decide on a restaurant you want to eat at while surfing the net, instead of roaming around the city trying to find the place you would want to dine in or order from. Catering to that need, many online food portals have been opened up to provide the users with a directory of restaurants around the city; their menus , price-range,reviews or the option of making online reservations. One such portal is, and most appropriately one of the oldest ones in Pakistan. started in 2008 headquartered at Lahore and at first served as a record book for restaurants around major cities of Pakistan. But with time they have sprawled over a total of 9 cities of Pakistan and 2 cities of Canada. They have also expanded their domain of services to offering online reservations, discount card and now have their own iPhone mobile application too.

Although they provide online reservations for a very limited number of restaurants, but their discount card known as “Khaba Card”, provides a 10% discount at 67 restaurants across Lahore. They also provide Ramadan deals. Their mobile app is more like a food directory in your pocket. You can search for a restaurant of your type or browse through reviews,photos or tips from many of the foodies around you. You can even follow other foodies; people who you think have a great taste in food and lastly get a discount with mobile coupons from restaurants in your city.

With expanding food industry of Pakistan where many new multinational and national food brands have established firm place in the market, many other online food portals like EatOye, have sprung. More specifically, EatOye in such a short time has gained a very large user base and is now the number one food portal. Tossdown in comparison is an old player in town, that has been trying to manage with the demands of the market, but lacks popularity. Nevertheless, startups like these have a great market value, and a very bright future in Pakistan.

Written by Fariha Muazzam
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