First iPhone X pre-orders start shipping

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iPhone X pre-orders started a couple of days back and the phone went out of stock in less than an hour. The phone will not be available for orders until December.

Apple has started shipping the first iPhone X pre-orders and customers should get their phone within a week. Customers who pre-ordered the iPhone X on day one have started receiving shipping notifications. As of now, Sprint is the first carrier to send notifications to their customers. The email sent to customers also contains the tracking information for their product. If you ordered the phone from Apple website, you can easily check the current location and estimated delivery time of your order.

Apple iPhone X shipments

However, the actual release date for the iPhone X is November 3rd. So even if your order is shipped, you will not get it before November 3rd as Apple always asks its delivery partners to hold the shipment until actual launch date. And if you get your phone even by November 3rd, you’ll be one of the luckiest people as most of the people are going to get it after a week or two.

Despite the $100 price tag of iPhone X. It received a record-breaking pre-orders. As mentioned above, the phone went out of stock in less than an hour. Apple also faced some production issues with their new phone and it was expected that people might have to wait until 2018 to get their hands on the iPhone X. But later on, Apple managed to resolve all the issues related to the production and phone’s sales are expected to go smoothly all around the world.

Did you order the iPhone X? Have you received any notification regarding the shipment of the iPhone?

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