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Sparklist helps you update your wardrobe and make extra cash

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The app brings trust and convenience to mobile classifieds, improving the way users buy and sell used items.

Sparklist, the classifieds mobile app that safely connects buyers and sellers in the same area, just released its iOS version — a great reason to sell those items that are not being used, and make money for new ones.

“Our mission is to create a community of buyers and sellers that have a sustainable approach towards consumerism. We find ourselves often surrounded by items we don’t use anymore, without realizing they could be exactly what our neighbor is looking for”, explains Nalla Karunanithy, founder of Sparklist.

The app allows people to browse in the area close to them to find great deals around, as well as to easily sell their unwanted items in a simple and secure environment. To sell, the user simply snaps a picture with the app, creates a description and adds a price. Buyers and sellers chat within the app to come to the best deals, build trust and decide on delivery and payment methods.

“With a mobile approach and the exclusive in-app chat feature users can negotiate prices without the need of making their contact details public, as it normally happens on Social Media groups or normal classifieds. We provide the users with the ability to bargain and build trust while making the purchase decision”, adds Nalla.

Sparklist has launched its operations in Pakistan in November 2015 and is expanding quickly through Asia.

Written by TechJuice
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