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Foortal is now

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  57 sec read >

Currently there is no shortage of Food apps in Pakistan. Little surprise there: Pakistanis love and live for food. Foortal, founded in 2009 by WaqarTech Pvt Ltd, has been helping Pakistanis order food online, easily and quickly. Now, Foortal has rebranded to and the website hopes to reach out to more customers with the new, interesting name.

Pakistani food services have been gearing up in the past few months. Urbanite, a famous food irdering service in Pakistan was acquired by ETakeaway and recently EatOye released its iPhone app. These are only some of the contenders, hoping to grab a big share of users who order food online or via their smartphones.

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Perhaps the weight hinges on the special deals that a food ordering service can offer its customers as well as on the quality of customer service and order response time. Merely giving the users the capability to order online is not enough in 2014. Another aspect of ordering online that should concern both food ordering companies and the customers is the authenticity and the quality of the restaurants that are listed with food portals. Unless quality is determined, food sites should avoid listing places that will result in a dismal experience for the end user. Ofcourse, user reviews can help filter out the not-so-great eating out places. All said and done, as more customers switch to ordering online, the competition between these food portals is likely to get tougher. However all is good as long as customers benefit from better food deals and higher standards of service.

Written by Qurat Zafar
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