Framework for testing and developing 5G networks in Pakistan unveiled by PTA

Written by Abdul Wahab ·  1 min read >

The recent introduction of 5G technology has created a lot of ripples throughout the world. One of the main reasons for the ban on Huawei in the USA is because of its complete control of the 5G network that is set to be introduced by the Chinese company.

Pakistan while usually being on the back-end of the majority of technological advancement throughout the world is perhaps one of the first countries to start preparing for the development of 5G. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has unveiled the complete framework for testing and developing 5G network throughout the country.

The recent rise in mobile internet users and the demand for enhanced mobile broadband experience has increased the emphasis for better Internet quality (on smartphones) and had made the Pakistani 4G market perfect for companies like Huawei to invest and develop the all-new 5G technology. Owing to its comprehensive-wireless accessibility, it is expected that 5G will be much more successful in the diverse heterogeneous environment of Pakistan and will provide omnipresent and ubiquitous connectivity for a wide range of devices and applications.

International Mobile Telecommunications-2020 (IMT-2020 Standard) is much broader than the previous generations of mobile broadband communications systems. Due to this fact, the 5G network is more capable and compatible in areas with low latency. The framework for the development of 5G being set-up by PTA will enable the innovative use of radio spectrum on a trial basis on a non-commercial basis to better test its success in Pakistan.

However, the trials will not be limited to scientific research. For this very purpose, the Government of Pakistan is inviting all of the stakeholders to participate in these subject trials. For those who want to take part in these trials, they will have to sign some terms and conditions with the government. It should be noted the companies that sign the agreement for trials must be registered with SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) and/or PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council), R&D Organizations and Academic Institutions.