Galaxy Note 10 might come with a 50W charger

Avatar Written by Rohaan Manzoor · 1 min read>

One area where smartphones have been innovating aggressively is the charging experience. Samsung was one of the earliest adopters of the fast charging tech, it has now started to lack behind the likes of its competitors. However, all of this is likely going to change with a variant of Galaxy Note 10 supporting 50W fast charging.

Their current flagship, the Galaxy S10 comes with a 15W charger, which is considered antique by today’s standards, unless you’re Apple. The Galaxy S10 5G is an exception as it comes with 25W charger but that flavor of S10 is not available everywhere and is quite expensive. However, their newly announced mid-ranger Galaxy A70 also supports 25W charging.

While the latest rumors don’t point to a specific number, they do suggest that it will be higher than 25W. The rumor suggests that charging speed and battery capacity will be one of the highlights of the upcoming Note. The rumor looks believable given how the Note lineup has always boasted industry-leading battery capacity.

50W charging might sound really impressive given what Samsung currently possess, but it must not be forgotten that there are other companies that are already doing similar work. Oppo’s Super VOOC charger is able to charge 50 percent in just 15 mins. The super VOOC charger is able to charge at 50W so Samsung’s efforts are really not as mind-blowing as one might think. OnePlus’s Warp charger charges at 30W and it is expected that OnePlus might up their game with the OnePlus 7.

The Galaxy Note 10 is going to give the Note lineup a design overhaul inspired by the Galaxy S10. Other rumors are pointing towards multiple variants of the Galaxy Note 10 with different screen sizes.