Gearing up for Customer Satisfaction in the new Digital Age

By TechJuice on
September 16, 2019
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Do you know what all the big brands have in common? Even though all of them in a way have presence online and operate in the digital space, they are not impervious to some of the difficulties especially satisfying a customer as their expectations are rapidly changing in this digital age!

From using social media to get noticed, to remaining up-to-date, to fulfilling customer needs, companies are striving hard to achieve the pinnacle of success to win over their customers. Moreover, the latest technological advancements have paved the way to bring a change in how companies approach their customer experience.

The current digital transformation happening globally has given companies and big brands platforms to instantly engage with customers through online communication, providing them with a unique customer experience and offer quick response to their queries and comments for their consumption.

It is imperative in today’s digital age for businesses to improve their customer experience. Firstly, they need to recognize who is this new age digital customer and how does their mind work? Today’s digital age customer is highly tech-savvy and knows their way around social media, online shopping, and getting information online. Furthermore, they are also used to immediate gratification. They expect their relationships with companies to be personalized and easily accessible, and for company to make their product offerings and important information to made be easily available through online channels.

In simple words, developing the loyalty of customers is the responsibility of a company. They not only have to cater to the needs of the customer, but also go further in their quest to support them. From telecom operators with different offers and packages to the car manufacturers producing electric vehicles for the environmentally conscious customers, to food product manufacturers reducing the fat in their products for the diet conscious, to airlines providing low airfares, companies in every industry are striving to provide the latest and updated information, as well keep them informed on new trends.

When talking about companies in Pakistan, there comes to mind one such organization with a foot print spread across the entire country that relies heavily on dealing with customers through digital mediums. We are talking about Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). We have seen their evolution from communicating through traditional means and moving towards embracing the need to go digital to satisfy new breed of customers in today’s digital age.  The company is no stranger to challenges – as being one of the biggest telecom companies of Pakistan, they have received their fair share of customer complaints. The company has managed to understand the need to change, keep focus on the main goal that is satisfying customer needs and manage a massive customer base, and most importantly they are investing on their digital platforms, along with focus on training and professional development to enhance the customer experience.

With time, they have also established a strong and robust complaint resolution system. From their various call centres to their online complaint resolution system to resolving complaints through social media, PTCL has dedicated massive resources to ensure customer satisfaction and retention in this digital age.

Keeping in view the technological advancements, PTCL is also trying to create the optimal customer experience that strives to meet the customer expectations in the digital age. They are catering customers through multiple digital platforms. Through social media, the company keeps its audience informed of the company’s information and their offerings. For example, sharing Charji promotional offers, to recent posting of their corporate TVC on Independence Day, to collaborations with Careem and Daraz, to ‘Do You Know’ awareness campaigns and much more through their social media platforms. PTCL also keeps its audience informed of their various partnerships. From B2B partnerships with companies such as Nokia to consumer-centric partnerships with companies such as Netflix, PTCL, not only keeps its audience updated with latest information through its website or social media, but also strives to satisfy those customers that are already aware of their products, services and rights.

It goes without saying in today’s world that companies need to keep evolving to keep up in this new digital age. They need to except change and offer innovative products and services to meet consumer expectations. All of us agree to the fact that the challenges of the digital era are many fold. However, in the long run, the results will be encouraging as the right strategy for change will lead to optimization of internal processes to tackle these challenges for customer satisfaction.

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