Go Nawaz Go is the Latest Android App You Can Use to Pester Your Friends

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Mobile apps from Pakistan centered on local context, specially capitalizing on the on-going political turmoil, are swiftly gaining popularity. Games like Flappy Nawaz, Container Run, Imran vs Nawaz and others are only a few examples of this trend, and the latest app to jump on the bandwagon is Go Nawaz Go.

Based on the single-tap-send communication model popularized by Yo, Go Nawaz Go is a social app at its core but some additional embellishments make it fun to use if your friends are willing. The app interface is simple, employs large fonts (again, like Yo) and puts Facebook connectivity to use for sign-up. You can invite your Facebook friends to download the app and once they are on, you can simply hit their name to send a #GoNawazGo pop-up, accompanied by a short music snippet of the popular, eponymous PTI song by DJ Butt. That’s almost it for what the app features, apart from the record of total score of sent and received messages.

The app is developed by TEAMSC (SevenCentric) based at Arfa Karim Software Technology Park, Lahore, that specializes in UI/UX design and web development. App currently sits at only a few installs; and given the simplicity of the concept, app footprint is rather small (~1.5 MB). It is available only for Android as of yet, but will also be made available for iOS platform in the near-future.

Do give it a try and tell us what you think!

Download link for Play Store: Go Nawaz Go

Written by Uzair Ahmed
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