Google acquires NEST and enters IoT!

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January 14, 2014
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Snapchat got a lot of both good and bad press when Facebook offered $3 Billion for the mobile application. Google has acquired the WiFi based intelligent thermostat manufacturer NEST Labs for $3.2 Billion in cash. A deal that most startups will die for. That’s a lot of zeroes on a single check we think. We recently wrote about the importance of the IoT for the startup market. Well now to sum up in a nutshell the market is huge.

So far NEST has been leading the way for the Internet of Things space. This is huge keeping in view the lesser interoperability for the internet of things manufacturers. We hope that Google will bring some uniformity in the protocols that will go into production of the next NEST models and also the development will be made largely public so that other manufacturers could follow.

Connected world is the ultimate dream of almost all the computer scientists, and running analytics on the data so gathered, is the dream of all the data scientists. Google is expected to bring about the much needed revolution in the home automation and IoT market. Because there are things that only a company the size and magnitude of Google can do; rest will follow.

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