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Google Announces Pixel Fold: But Its Price Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Google Pixel Fold
Apart from the Google Pixel Fold, Google also unveiled a budget friendly Pixel 7a and new Pixel Tablet at its I/O conference held on 10th May

Google has just announced the official release of the Google Pixel Fold, its first foray into the foldable smartphone industry, with a market price of $2,189. Converted into PKR this phone is well worth over PKR 630,000.

Available for more than half million PKR, the Google Pixel Fold is now the most expensive foldable smartphone in the markets breaking the record of its competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, which costs around $2000 or PKR 576,000.

Designed with a 7.6 inches screen, the Google Pixel Fold, like most modern foldable devices, has the ability to be opened up in a tablet-like design or be closed down and be used as a regular smartphone.

Google announced the Pixel Fold at its Developers I/O conference held on 10th May in California USA.

Pixel Fold

Looking at photos, it’s clear that Google has given the Pixel Fold, an interface that is similar to all other Pixel devices having the classic Pixel theme, with a minimalistic approach.

According to details released by Google, the company used a lot of parts from its existing flagship, Google Pixel 7 Pro and redesigned them to fit into the much slimmer and foldable version of the Pixel.

Users who buy the Pixel particularly for its camera will really enjoy the Pixel Fold’s table top camera feature, which allows users to use the camera handsfree.

According to Google, the Google Pixel Fold will be released around June, however an exact date hasn’t been announced yet. The company however has opened up advance booking for its new foldable device.


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