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Google Classroom updates make learning and teaching easier

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Google Classroom has added a number of updates such as individualized learning tools, customized notifications for teachers, metrics for institutions’ administrators and coursework integrations for developers.

Google Classroom is a way to help students and teachers save time, organize classes and improve communication.

For students: individualized work for differentiated learning

Teachers can now assign work to individual students or groups based on their unique needs. Teachers can select an option where they can choose to share it with an entire class or specific individuals. Students can also discreetly receive extra practice if they’re struggling with a new subject. The blog reads,

“We know that one-size-fits-all teaching doesn’t always meet students’ needs, and we’ve been impressed with the workarounds Classroom teachers have found to differentiate their instruction. Starting today, Classroom makes it a lot easier for teachers to assign work to individual students and groups based on their unique needs.”

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For teachers: new notifications to manage student work

Teachers are busy people and a lot of notifications can be overwhelming for them. So, Google Classroom has introduced an option where they can get specific notifications when students submit work after the due date, and one for when students re-submit work.

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For administrators: metrics to make the most of Classroom

The Classroom data will be included in the ‘Admin Console Reports’. With this feature school’s admin will be able to observe the usage statistics and will give insights about progress a class is making and how they can provide necessary support to teachers and students.

For developers: more coursework integrations

The API developers can use integrated applications to add materials to coursework or student submissions and can modify existing coursework they’ve created.

More than 20 million educators use Google Classrooms and hundreds of educational applications have integrated with Classroom since the launch of the API. With all these new features, Google hopes that students, teachers, administrators and developers will work more effectively.

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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