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Google Cloud Launches AI Tools to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Precision Medicine

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
According to reports, the AI tools created by Google are already being used by massive pharma companies such as Pfizer and biotech companies such as Cerevel Therapeutics

On May 16th Tuesday, Google Cloud officially launched two new medical AI tools that are aimed at helping biotech and pharmaceutical companies in accelerating drug discovery and helping them create precision medicine.

Named the Target and Lead Identification Suite, the first AI tool is created to help scientists predict and understand the structure of proteins, which is said to be the most important part of creating a drug.

Specializing in genomic data, the second AI tool named ‘Multiomics Suite’ will help researchers to ingest, store, analyze and share mass amounts of genomic data.

These new AI developments in the medical industry shows Google increasing interest to invest and explore the AI industry. Up until now, Google has been one of the leading AI companies, competing with massive AI firms such as OpenAI.

Google announced its very own AI chatbot named the ‘BardAI’, back in February, while simultaneously releasing small AI features during the past few months.

What Makes Google’s Medical AI Tools Important?

Drug Testing

It’s reported that pharmaceutical companies invest around a few million dollars to research and launch a single drug. Spending a few million dollars, these companies do not have a guarantee of success since drugs are not always approved by authorities.

Once a drug fails to get approved, companies lose not just millions of dollars but also lose years of research that went behind its development.

Using these new AI suites launched by Google Cloud, companies are expected to save a “statistically significant” amount of time that goes into drug development.

“We’re helping organizations get medicines to the right people faster. I am personally very excited, this is something that myself and the team have been working on for a few years now,” said Google Cloud global director of life sciences strategy and solutions, Shweta Maniar.


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