Google AI

Google Photos Gets Generative AI: Allowing Users to Move Subjects Within an Image

Named the Magic Editor, the tool will allow users to edit specific parts of photos such as its background...

May 12 · >

Google Will Soon Add Smart AI Features to its Search

Not too far behind Microsoft, Google soon be ready to surprise the world with its very own AI web...

May 8 · >

Google Launches Bard: its Very Own Chat GPT Rival

Before being rolled out to public in the coming months, Bard is currently being tested by a group of...

Feb 7 · >

Google to Release a Powerful Chat GPT Rival in May

Talking about the product, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that Google is preparing to show “some entirely new experiences...

Jan 30 · >

Google AI chief Bengio resigns over colleagues’ firings and racial discrimination

In the continuing fight against racism in the tech giant, Google researcher manager Samy Bengio has resigned from the...

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Apr 7 · >

Google fires second AI ethics researcher due to research disputes

Google recently fired the co-lead of the ethical AI team, Margaret Mitchell, due to a violation of the respective...

Feb 22 · >